Where to Stay if You Plan to Visit Dorchester

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Dorchester is a very beautiful city and if you plan to visit it then what we recommend you, in terms of accommodation is to look for a place outside the city so that you can have peace and quiet. There are a few wonderful villages that can make your stay absolutely amazing. Therefore, what we suggest you do is to go to the Old Forge, which is a luxurious, spacious, and comfortable B&B in Owermoigne, a small parish 7 miles south-east of Dorchester.
This place is without a doubt magical and it will offer you the necessary comfort so that you can enjoy at the maximum your holiday. You can easily get to Dorchester from here, and visit the city, as many times as you want, and then come back to this quiet place where you can have a rest and relax. Owermoigne is also very close to the Weymouth, which we also recommend you to visit. This area has without a doubt amazing views.
Furthermore, this picturesque village is also convenient for Dorset’s wonderful award-winning coastline. Other places that must be visited and are very close to the Owermoigne are the Jurassic Coast, the coastline of Dorset and Devon. You will be able to see here lots of fossils that have been found over hundreds of years and then given to the World Heritage Site status.
The beautiful cliffs of Golden Cup look incredible, and the resort of Lyme Regis is without a doubt a must-see attraction. Did you think that this is everything? Well, it is not, because you have other places to visit as well, such as the Monkey World and TANK Museum, which are very close to the Bovington, a very popular attraction.
On the other hand, in Dorchester, you will have plenty to see and to do. The city is amazing and it has everything you need in order to have a fantastic holiday. You can choose between museums, sights & landmarks, beautiful parks, and a large number of restaurants with delicious food. Locals are welcoming and you will certainly feel like home.
In terms of accommodation, we highly recommend you the location mentioned earlier because Dorchester is quite busy and expensive. Furthermore, it is also noisy and if you are looking for some peace and quiet on your holiday then the Old Forge is exactly what you need. Plus, you will be very close not only to Dorchester but to the attractions we mentioned in this article as well, which is a huge advantage.
You will enjoy a full English breakfast in a family country kitchen, while you relax and make the plan regarding what attractions to visit. TV and coffee making facilities are provided. You can choose between a luxurious double room and a very spacious single room, or both, in case you plan to go on holiday with your child, or a friend. However, at the Old Forge relaxation and comfort are guaranteed, and you will not regret staying there on your holiday.                                                                           Furthermore, the most attractive thing about this place is the bedding, which is ultra comfortable and it doesn’t feature regular pillows, but wedge pillows. With such pillows, comfort and relaxation are guaranteed. We all know how important is to rest during the night, especially when we go on holiday and this is our main goal besides fun, and we can obtain the best results by using the most innovative pillows. Regular models can hold your body in a wrong position and you can have back pains or even a very bad circulation, which in time it can seriously affect your overall health.                                                                                                   In order to avoid these annoying situations, it is strongly recommended to use wedge pillows, even when you are on vacation. Finding an accommodation that has this type of pillows is without a doubt a huge advantage that will allow you to enjoy to the fullest your free time. The Old Forge is that place where you and your family can have an excellent time and highly relax thanks not only to the friendly and welcoming staff but to the extremely comfortable bedding with wedge pillows.

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