Best Tips for Planning a Picnic in Dorset

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There is no doubt that English people love picnics and nature. A very beautiful place where you could have a lovely picnic on the weekend with the whole family is Dorset. This county has amazing views, it is peaceful, and therefore, perfect for relaxation. We strongly recommend it and if time and weather allow you then you should go to this place. Here are the best tips for planning a picnic in Dorset.

Choose the Perfect Location

Dorset is without a doubt a very beautiful place and a perfect one for picnics. The views of this county offer you relaxation and peace. Maybe you are wondering what location to choose from this region in order to have a perfect picnic with your family. Well, what we recommend you is the Jurassic Coast, which is actually the only natural heritage site in UK. Here, people all over the country come not only for picnics but for sunbathing as well. The whole Dorset region combines seaside with countryside, and this is why this county is an amazing one. On the other hand if you would like to go to a picturesque village, then we highly recommend you to go to Owermoigne, a very lovely village, which is located close to Dorchester.
Make Sure the Weather is Lovely
This is a very important aspect when going out for a picnic. Therefore, before planning your day out, you must listen to the forecast so that you know for sure if the weather is going to be nice or not. You certainly do not want to go outdoors when raining. It is true that weather in England is quite capricious but knowing in advance the forecast will help you plan better your picnic.

Sandwiches Are Perfect for Picnics

In order to have more free time to relax and enjoy the views and fresh air, we strongly recommend you to make some delicious sandwiches at home and take them with you. You definitely have plenty of options. You should also not forget to get some snacks with you in case you are going to be hungry while traveling.
Take a Picnic Basket with You
Picnic baskets are absolutely perfect for a day out in nature. They offer you the necessary space for all the stuff you need to take with you for a day spent in nature. These items come in different sizes so that you can choose the one that is best for you.

Other Important Items You Need to Take with You

There are some other important items you need to take with you when going outdoors for a picnic, especially if you take your children with you as well. Therefore, what you must not forget to take with you are a blanket, some toys, a sun UV umbrella, some picnic chairs, sweets, some plastic bags, tissues, the first aid kit, sunglasses, and also some sun cream. By not forgetting any of these items and by being in the right place you will definitely have a fantastic picnic.

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