Owermoigne, a Wonderful Village Where You Could Spend a Short Holiday

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England is without a doubt one of those countries that has plenty to offer, in terms of attractions and not only. There are so many beautiful places to visit that you will probably need a few holidays to see all of them. However, if you just want to relax and not visit the busy cities of UK, then we strongly recommend you to go to a village in an area that is not only quiet but it also has several attractions. Fortunately, locations like this are all over England, and they are absolutely lovely. Therefore, you will surely find quickly something to your liking.
In order to help you make a good decision we have made some research, and we have found the Owermoigne, a very quiet and wonderful village, where you could definitely have a lovely holiday. This place is located not very far from the Monkey World on the A352. Furthermore, it is also very close to Dorchester and Wool. This is an advantage, as you will be able to visit the cities and what they have to offer as well.
The picturesque thatched cottages from this village beautifully surround the St. Michael’s church and the views from this area are without a doubt spectacular. The relaxation in such a quiet place is guaranteed. And in case you want to go out and have dinner or just take a walk in the park or visit a museum, you can easily do this in Dorchester.
The village was a Saxon settlement by the name of Ogre, and then, later became Oweres. The history of this location is very interesting. The Parish church has been dedicated to St. Michael’s, and stand in an almost triangular shape, right in the heart of the village.
To the east of Owermoigne, you will find the tiny hamlet of Galton. There are some picturesque cottages and a farm. The whole village is absolutely fantastic and coming here for a short holiday will certainly help you recharge your batteries. The main characteristic of this place is peaceful, and for those who are not looking for noisy places, it is absolutely perfect.
A highly recommended location in Owermoigne is the Old Forge, a spacious and comfortable cottage that has two rooms. One room is double and quite luxurious and the other one is single but very spacious. The rooms can be rented separately, or if you want, you can actually rent the whole cottage for the holiday. Here, the accommodation is not only affordable but it provides everything you need for a wonderful holiday. English people who have stayed at this location summarize it as lovely bed and breakfast.
Furthermore, as mentioned earlier in this article, there are some attractions you should see, not to talk about the beautiful city of Dorchester, which has so many to offer. Even if there are many picturesque villages in England, we have found this one as the most attractive and popular as well. Not only tourists come here but English people as well.

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